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Amazing Frog 2019

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Game information

Game title: Amazing Frog 2019

Category: Games 2019 , Adventure
Game description:

If you miss that good old days, when you opened GTA for the first time and said, “Wow, this is the most bizarre title I have ever seen,” we are happy to present you another masterpiece of absurd: Amazing Frog! We have mentioned GTA for a reason, because this one feels exactly like playing a classical sandbox-title everybody loves for being that unpredicted and sometimes absolutely silly. Now you are playing as a frog, but not just a regular one, but a super duper one! This small green guy is a real nuts, having all amazing skills superheroes usually do. We bet that you have never seen a frog in a mask, riding a truck or doing parkour tricks on the roof. What about riding a pig just on the streets of the UK city? You must be already intrigued, so try now!