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Beyblade Burst

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Game information

Game title: Beyblade Burst

Category: Adventure
Game description:

One of the most popular online games recently, Beyblade Burst challenges you to combat fierce warriors and set your own character on an adrenaline-packed virtual arena. Compete with players from different countries to score victories in tense matches and gain access to new clothes and weapons. Experience the thrill and heat of Beyblade on your smartphone or tablet with this new amazing version of the game! Your path won’t be easy. You’ll have to evolve from a mere Rockie into a mighty Beymaster. If you do well, you have a chance to end up in the leaderboards. Profiles are personalized allowing you to choose a player icon, team badge and select from a wide range of colors. The convenient menu gives immediate access to your collection sorted out on the screen. Finally, special restore code allows you to effortlessly restore progress in case it gets lost. Plunge into the whirlpool of a stunning multiplayer battle crashing and slicing your enemies to become the most skillful warrior among the Beyblades!