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Game information

Game title: Branny

Category: Baldi’s Basics
Game description:

What if two weirdest horror games were combined in one? Baldi + Granny = Ultimate Horror! This lady looks even more terrifying now. She seems to be a fan of the most nightmarish math teacher on Earth. No wonder, they have so much in common. Her house is now decorated with his portraits and she even has a dress with Baldi’s image on her! It seems like she is even more crazy now and you need to avoid meeting her anywhere in the room or corridor at all costs. Get the keys and find the exit before she catches you and beats you to death. Make no noise – despite being old, Granny hears everything. Hide under the beds and enter the niches in the walls to stay unnoticed, when she approaches. Do you want to play the creepiest hide and seek in your life? Well, then Branny is something that you have been looking for!