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Buckshot Roulette

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Game information

Game title: Buckshot Roulette

Category: Shooting
Game description:

How lucky are you? Buckshot Roulette is here to give you the answer! Step into an adrenaline-packed showdown where bullets and blanks are all mixed up and you can’t be sure you’ll live another minute. Will you be the last man standing (or rather, sitting)?

Buckshot Roulette Features

Nonchalant Opponent: There’s this guy, and he suggests playing some Buckshot Roulette. He doesn’t seem to be afraid. Are you? Loop of Death: This is a game of life and death, but you can’t really die. Every time you drop with a bullet in your forehead, you just respawn, and the thrill goes on. Cheat Items: As a random curveball, each of you receives cheat items in each round. For instance, you can handcuff your opponent and make him skip his turn! Fair Play: Your opponent plays fair. Even if it skips your mind that you’ve got some cool item on your hands, he will remind you to use it. Thrilling and Chilling: The level of tension is almost electric, and the fear of getting shot is all too real! So, how will another round end for you? If you really want to find out, you gotta pull that trigger! Put on your bravest face, spin the magazine, and pray it’s not your time yet!