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Car Driving Simulator 2020

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Game information

Game title: Car Driving Simulator 2020

Category: Games 2020
Game description:

Get behind the car wheel and set out on a series of fascinating driving lessons around the city in a realistic driving simulator! This game won’t only test how well you are capable of controlling a car, it also requires full attention to traffic rules. While driving, you’ll need to keep your eyes on road signs and traffic lights, turn on the blinkers and use the wipers when necessary. If you are searching for intense driving impressions, you are in the right place! Aside from completing missions on city streets, you’ll be able to test the new Freedrive mode allowing you to drive out in the open. There is also a  learning mode that will enlighten you on all the traffic regulations you need to know. The updated version features improved graphics, new car types and more realistic physics. Hop into your virtual vehicle and see where it carries you!