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Dude Theft Wars 2

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Game information

Game title: Dude Theft Wars 2

Category: 1 Player
Game description:

Jack was living his ordinary life of an average person, however, one day he discovered a new way of life in his own town. This is the world of dudes, who can do whatever they want and have no rules when it comes to having some fun. The dude-life has a lot of amazing things: riding cool cars, going for parties, relaxing on your sofa, and just enjoying the sunny days. Dudes can be both kind or brutal, so if the quite rest in your backyard, where birds sing, sun shines, and butterflies fly from a flower to flower is not the best option for you, join a gang and become a Mafioso. You can find literally everything in that miraculous city, so it’s up to you which kind of dude-life you prefer.