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Game information

Game title: Gris

Category: Adventure
Game description:

When Spanish and Japanese artists and developers unite together to create entertaining content, in most cases they produce a masterpiece. Well, this time we present Gris – an incredibly beautiful, discreet, and mysterious story about a girl, who finds herself in the hand of a large destroying statue one morning. The hand falls down and Gris appears in the unknown lands. This moment, her adventure begins. Very soon Gris realizes that this world is full of strange glimmering constructions, lighted by small sparkles. She can gather the sparkles to level up and obtain new skills, such as making headways and becoming a piece of rock for a while. Gris used to be a singer some time ago, but now she has lost this ability. Her voice is magical and it enlivens the fading flowers and robotic creatures. So she has to main aims – to find a way to her home and get her voice back. The girl will travel across various places, such as forests, caves, and unusual worlds. She will meet other characters, some of which will assist her while the others will try to interrupt.

It seems like Gris’ way home goes right through the sky, so she will gather as many sparkles as possible to create a long enough headway and come back. When she does so, the path seems to be complete, however, there is a monster waiting for her there. This monster reminds of the huge statue from the very beginning of the story, but now it doesn’t show any signs of ruining, but looks pretty hostile. This creature catches the girl and eats her. Inside, there is a dark poisonous substance, where Gris swims in the attempt to reach a tower and get out of the water. The enemy is trying to stop her, but her voice comes back and she starts singing, which helps her to overcome this nightmarish waters. Finally, the statue is healed by her voice and embraces the girl. Now she is free and can come back to her world again.