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Fidget Spinner for girls

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Game information

Game title: Fidget Spinner for girls

Category: Games Girls
Game description:

If you have a spinner in your hand, then you know how to make spin ve-e-e-e-ry long period of time. If not, you will learn to do with a new game Fidget Spinner Hero for girls. Everything is based on the sheer physics, and you need to rotate your favorite device as quick as you can, and do it as long, as possible. You don’t need special skills or a super technique to play this game, so you can play it, even if you aren’t familiar with spinners. All you need to do – is just find the best way to twist your gadget, and you will be able to do it best, if you practice a little. This game will be perfect for girls, because you will find there plenty of fancy accessories, with help of them you may adorn your wonderful spinner. Your main goal is to get the highest number of points, and send them to the global leaderboard. Contest with your friends and other people, and decide, who is the best spinner in the world.