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FNF ROBLOX Youtubers Skin Mod

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Game information

Game title: FNF ROBLOX Youtubers Skin Mod

Game description:

You may have encountered some mods with Roblox before. Here, you will not fight against Roblox characters but against outstanding youtubers whom you already know being a member of this online community. It’s a never-ending battle so help Boyfriend to overcome this challenge.

You can choose to play in the Story mode or Free Game mode. It’s up to you to decide. The goal is to match the arrows with the correct notes coming from beneath to those that are located over Boyfriend’s head. The task is easy enough to succeed. However, if you miss many arrows, the game will be over and you will need to start from scratch. You are not striving for it, right. So, try to be very attentive. Good luck!