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Granny 2

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Game information

Game title: Granny 2

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

The second chapter of a horrifying story about you and crazy grandma who locked you in a house is back. Now you are most welcome to check the second chapter of it! We reassure you that a great deal of unexpected surprises is waiting for you here. And of course – even more horror and terror from an old lady, who got insane! The game is now more challenging, more advanced, and creepier. In general, the format stays the same – this is still an escape horror, where you are a survivor who needs to get away from this place before he dies. Dying here is simple – you don’t even have to do something special. Just a small noise and you are caught, so be careful as you always are.

Granny is not alone now

And you are not the only company for her. In this chapter, two monsters will try to chase you! Grandpa is here now and he is no less crazy than his old woman. Together, this couple will surely make you shiver. Try not to get your hair grey as their – because when they act as a team, the game becomes two times more horrifying. And complicated as well! Wondering around the house and looking for the keys to open the door, you need to avoid both monsters, which is a real challenge. They both are fast and have pretty good ears (even considering that that are so old). So be sure to keep yourself away from these two!

Hurry up – your time is limited

Not only you have to be quiet, but also fast. When you move around, try not to break anything! And be sure that the doors and the floor are old enough to make nasty noises, so it might happen all of a sudden. Keep yourself closer to closets and beds, so you can hide in case of danger. Remember that the time you have is limited – you have five days to get the key and run. Who knows, what is waiting for you if you fail that mission! Maybe, this sweet couple will prepare you for dinner and eat you. In any case, you don’t really want to know anything about the plans of these mad minds, so just focus on your task, get the key, and leave as soon as you can.