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Hungry Shark 2019

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Game information

Game title: Hungry Shark 2019

Category: Adventure
Game description:

If you want to see how the kings of the underwater feel themselves – you should try Hungry Shark 2019! Eat everyone and everything on your way and try not to be eaten! Evolve to the largest and the most dangerous sharks Megalodon, Hammerhead and Great White!

During this adventure you will:

  • Explore and conquer both worlds: under water and above it
  • Choose from a number of original creatures to play with
  • Reveal amazing art style and sound
  • Engage small sharks to increase your power
  • Go through dozens of interesting missions
  • Get amazing accessories like hats, jet packs and laser
  • Find sunken items
  • Survive and get higher scores with the Gold Rush feature
  • Invite your fellows to join the game via social networks
  • Attack enemies with intuitive touches
  • Play the game on any of your Android devices
  • Play anywhere you want even if there is no Wi-Fi

The game is suitable for Android 4.0 and higher.

The mobile version of the game has internal purchase offers, so you are free to buy coins and gems to use them in the game (a great way to get yourself some items and level ups). It is not necessary to buy, because you can collect them while you play or watch ads. However, if you need some extra items, be sure to multiple the number of your coins and gems. There is an advertisement inside the game. If you don’t want to see it, make sure to pay for playing.