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I am Fish

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Game information

Game title: I am Fish

Category: Adventure
Game description:

When fish decide to move on the land, everything can happen. In this game, you will control a gold fish stuck in the aquarium. However, this guy wants to be free, so he decides to leave the flat he lives as a pet and find the way to the big water – the ocean. Your task is to help the fish get to the place he belongs. The journey starts in a room, when you make the aquarium roll and leave the flat through the window. The fish will die without water, so you should try to keep your glass prison safe until you appear in the ocean or somewhere near. You will travel around the dangerous city inside of the aquarium, rolling around, trying to avoid the collisions with cars and people.
The round shape of your aquarium is pretty comfortable, so you can move literally wherever you want to. Just be sure not to hurt your character – both the fish and his temporary home are very fragile. One wrong move, a single mistake, and you are dead. This sounds tough, but we believe that you will complete the challenge successfully and help the small fish obtain freedom. Level by level, you move to the finish doing everything to keep yourself alive in this dangerous world of wild city streets.