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Ice Scream 4

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Game information

Game title: Ice Scream 4

Game description:

You thought that your horrible opposition against you and a horrible ice cream seller is over! However, you were wrong. The next chapter of your most horrible adventure is here. You are going to fight with Rod, who is back to town. This time, you will have more chances to make him disappear once and forever! There is a gun you have there, a magical gun that strikes with lightening. Use it to get rid of Rod, if you can. Or at least to make him fall down on the ground without a chance to move and stand up. Yes, unlike the other parts where you were doomed to run and hide, this one will allow you to fight!
This chapter will allow you to run around the large city with different locations, where you will try to compete with Rod and finally make him stop doing his nasty deeds in your town. No more children will suffer from his hands from this moment. Previously, you did your best to save the kidnapped children and solve his awful puzzles, but now you will deal with this guy and make him get out of here once and forever! Will you set your town free from evil this time? Hope, you will. The gameplay here is pretty variable – not only you have puzzles to solve, but also enemies to combat. Get ready for a thrilling and challenging adventure! On your way to victory, you will have to deal with numerous tasks and side-missions running all over the city. The van of ice cream is now lying on the ground upside down – the time has come for a real struggle against Rod, so he cannot hide from you anymore.
When you meet Rod, strike him with your electric gun, but be ready – there are small chances that he will die! Instead, you will make him fall down without an ability to move for a couple of minutes. You can proceed your mission while the main enemy of yours doesn’t stand on your way, so make your forward no matter what! Use your weapons wisely and show this nasty ice cream that you are a boss here!