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Merge Plane

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Game information

Game title: Merge Plane

Category: Play Store Games
Game description:

Control the airplanes as they come down and fly up on your own landing strip! You can buy new models of planes and combine those you already have to get absolutely unique ones. However, make sure that you do this on time and your income will grow. For instance, you should wait for a while to get free planes available regularly in a game. You are the one to choose what exactly to spend: your coins or your time. So if you have enough time, just give it a while and receive new models without spending a cent. Remember that new planes appear only if the game is open and you won’t get any of them if you close the window. If you don’t want to wait until a plane spawns automatically, you can purchase the planes with the help of in-game currency (coins). The prices depend on your rate. For example, an elite plane will cost you gemstones until you level up. Once your rank gets higher, the same plane will cost an average sum of coins. In general, the prices are variable and planes may have different rates every time you buy them. Moreover, each you get a new one, all prices rise. It means that purchasing a number of inexpensive models at the beginning of the game is very affordable but the more you buy the more the value grows. You will have to come up with a purchasing strategy to reach the balance. Don’t get stuck with cheap planes, get some of them and move on to those that cost a bit more. And remember: your best plane should always be on a takeoff runway!