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Oil Hunt 2

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Game information

Game title: Oil Hunt 2

Category: Adventure
Game description:

Go hunting for oil in this amusing and addictive arcade! Show some strategic thinking and gather as many oil units as possible to maximize your score. You are going to feed a cute creature named Red with a mix of hydrocarbons mining this nutritious drink from earth depth. Today is Red’s birthday, but for some reason his guests aren’t willing to visit his beach party because there is not enough oil for everyone. You need to fix it and make sure our hero celebrates his big day with a bang! For that he needs to collect oil across a number of levels solving puzzles and using logic. His main instrument is a tube with changeable length. You need to calculate the needed amount of sections to add to reach the goal. If the tube is too long it will hit the ground and if it’s too short you won’t be able to surface a sufficient amount of oil. When the bar is filled, there will be a balloon coming for you to take you to your birthday party. Help Red stock up on his favorite meal and save the day!