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Once Upon a Coma

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Game information

Game title: Once Upon a Coma

Category: Adventure
Game description:

The author of Once Upon a Coma is Tom Brush, a well-known developer of two popular titles called Coma and Pinstripe. While his second one was about a father, who tries to find his daughter and follows her to hell, Once Upon a Coma is a continuation of his first work. As the author claims himself, this one is about a small boy, who appeared in coma and it seems like we are going to have a nice trip to his conscious (or subconscious, who knows). This time, Tom has worked on his masterpiece really hard.

The character you are going to play for is much more complicated and interesting than the main heroes of both previous parts. Do you remember a character from Coma? Well, he was more like a small dark goblin than a human. This time, it seems that the author took some inspiration in Tim Burton’s cartoons. However, it is hard to say that he has copied or mimicked anything – both character and the environment look original, still reminds of some canonic films and games. Talking about the environment, well, there are ten different levels that can boast of having amazing style and artwork. The black and white elements make the entire picture look a bit unreal, just like it has to be in a coma. The backgrounds, shadows and lighting only increase the feeling of fantastic journey to another world. You will definitely enjoy this part, so hurry up and try.