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Pokémon Quest

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Game information

Game title: Pokémon Quest

Category: Kids Games
Game description:

We’ve known Pokemons for ages, but that doesn’t make them any less cute or popular! If you are fan of those little funny creatures, welcome to Pokemon Quest, a Minecraft-style game requiring you to collect and train as many Pokemons as you can. The action unfolds on Tumblecube Island inhabited by the characters from the original lineup. You will be put in charge of the base camp where you have to gather and train your team of Pokemons. The map is separated into several locations, each posing a challenge and hosting a boss for you to fight. Eventually, you’ll cover the entire island and add all Pokemons to your collection.

How do you attract new members to your team? It’s easy: all Pokemons love to eat. So all you have to do is to cook up a few tasty dishes. In total, you can cook 18 different dishes that contain different ingredients. Your culinary endeavors will draw in various kinds of Pokemons that have a liking for the dish your prepared. Once a day, there also will be a new Pokemon coming to your camp that you will be able to recruit.

Here you can also install totems that will make Pokemons train faster. There are a total of 12 locations for you to clear, featuring from 3 to 7 levels each. You will do that with a team of three Pokemons of your choice. Each of your charges has unique attack and defense skills. Each creature comes with up to 11 unique movesets. The level of Pokemons increases through training. Once one of your characters reaches high levels, he can evolve into a more efficient creature also gaining extra inventory slots. Those can be used to put in magical stones upgrading the Pokemon’s health and strength. While training a Pokemon, you will also be able to teach him new moves in addition to those he already knows. Play Pokemon Quest online, collect all possible creatures and beat the wild Pokemons to secure the island!