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Raft Original Survival

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Game information

Game title: Raft Original Survival

Category: Survival , Adventure
Game description:

Even today, with advanced shipbuilding technologies and pinpoint-precise weather forecasts, vessels keep drowning and people keep getting lost in the sea. You never imagined something like this could happen to you, but there was a terrible storm and the cruise liner you were sailing on is now at the bottom of the ocean. It seems you are the only one to survive. It’s a miracle you grabbed onto a piece of wood which is now floating peacefully on a calm water surface ready to fall apart any moment. From now on, your life will be closely linked to this raft. It’s going to be a long time until someone sees and rescues you. Until then, you can only count on yourself. Luckily, you have a wooden hook in your hand. With it, you can pull debris out of water and use it to improve your shaky vessel.

You’ll be surprised to discover how much handy stuff floats in the ocean! Wielding your trusty hook, you will equip your raft with tools, furniture and even weapons. As you float past reefs and islands, you can search for food and resources there. But the sea won’t only offer you its marvelous gifts. There will quite a lot of dangers, too. You need to keep that in mind and protect your raft well from weather mishaps and hungry predators lurking in the ocean depth. With time, your life will become just as comfortable as it used to be on land. You’ll be able to sleep on a soft bed, take sun bathes on the deck, grow fruits and palms, design the raft to your own taste. You can even build several floors and make it look more like a cruise ship!

The game is available in a single mode as well as co-op mode with friends. After all, it’s easier to survive through hardships and trials as a team. Occasionally, you will come across other rafts with other players on board. And it’s up to you whether to suggest mutual help or proclaim war…