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The Baby in Yellow

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Game information

Game title: The Baby in Yellow

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

The horror game that pretends to be a care-taking entertainment will amaze all fans of spooky titles. Here you will play the role of a nanny. While being a pretty experienced baby-sitter, you have never seen kids like this one. After the first glance in his eyes, you can tell – this baby is something strange, unnatural, and very creepy. He is looking at you as if you were his worst enemy and you have got chills down your spine when you stay in a room with him. He is wearing a yellow shirt and this is why is the baby in yellow. Everything else about this strange child is a dark mystery that frightens you.
The game includes three chapters. When you start playing, your tasks sound pretty simple and nothing strange really happens. Except the way the baby looks. He is frightening, indeed! The game provides you with a to-list – you can see it in the left corner of your screen. There are habitual nanny-tasks there, like feed the child, get him into the bathroom, and lay him to sleep. However, there is always more and the kids wants your attention – be patient with him, play games, entertain this little demon, and make sure that his mood is positive. When he becomes frustrated or angry, you won’t avoid troubles. Real troubles.
The next chapters are more and more strange and mysterious. You understand this kid possesses some kind of super-natural power and he can do strange stuff, like flying and telekinesis. We hope that you will handle a job like this and try to stay sane and alive after a couple of evenings spent with such a strange child. The game will uncover his hidden history and you will learn more about his origins with time – get ready to uncover some secrets that will definitely make your knees shiver from fear. Dive into the strangest baby-sitting story right now and good luck with that satanic baby in yellow!