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Ravenfield beta 7

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Game information

Game title: Ravenfield beta 7

Category: Games 2017
Game description:

Are you fond of indie games where the graphics and design don’t matter but the gameplay is awesome? Then definitely give a try to Ravenfield Beta 7. This is the 7th beta version of a small indie project delivered to Steam by SteelRaven7. After pressing “Start”, a player must take the side of one of the military factions, whose participants are marked in blue and red colors. The graphics are not very artistic or high quality, so it’s almost impossible to see the faces of characters. A gamer has to destroy a huge army of faceless square-headed people, who are armed to their teeth and at any moment ready to engage in a battle. Death matches will happen on a land, in water and even in the air. Use grenades, rifles, sniper rifles and many other weapons to become the absolute winter in Ravenfield!