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Roblox Field Trip Z

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Game information

Game title: Roblox Field Trip Z

Category: Games Roblox
Game description:

It started as a usual school trip. The whole class was heading out for an excursion expecting nothing particularly fascinating from this event. If only they could know they were going to be attacked by a horde of hungry zombies, they would have prayed to stay on the campus and learn math! The walking dead appeared out of nowhere and surrounded the buss clearly planning to eat everyone inside. Now everyone is on one’s own! You have to run away from here as fast as possible and destroy all the monsters that will try to thwart you.

In the process, you’ll have a chance to explore the location and look for powerful weapons and useful tools that you are going to need in your battle. That’s right, even though you’re just a school kid, there is nobody to protect you here and you have to take care of your own survival. So don’t let your hand shake when you pull the trigger! Aim right at the enemy’s head – as you probably know from horror movies, zombies can survive even if you cover their bodies with bullet holes. Good old headshot, on the other hand, remains an effective method of putting a monster down permanently.

Try to move by short intervals and look out for a place where you can hide in case of danger. You never know how many zombies are going to attack you behind that corner – maybe there are none and maybe there is a whole army. So you’d better always have a back way to take if things go particularly hot. Play Roblox Field Trip Z, kill zombies and see if you can earn more points than other players!