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Rusty Lake Hotel

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Game information

Game title: Rusty Lake Hotel

Category: Play Store Games
Game description:

A graphic quest full of puzzles and quests called Rusty Lake Hotel is a multiplatform indie game. This time, the events take place in a lonely hotel located on the distant island. You are playing as a butler and have a mission: to kill one of the guests every night and arrange dinners for them the next day. All of them are anthropomorphic animals: Deer, Boar, Pheasant, Rabbit, and Dove. Each has his unique story and reasons to visit a hotel. You will murder them one by one and bring the meat to a Toad-cooker. When the last fifth dinner comes, a concierge Crow visits you and thanks for the memories of the guests that are now gathered in the black cubes. He says that memories are the keys to their past as well as their future. The game developers were inspired by Agatha Christie’s books and Ten Little Indians in particular.