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Sally Face Episode 6

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Game information

Game title: Sally Face Episode 6

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Game description:

A narrative-driven and puzzle-solving adventure of a small boy, who used to experience psychological and physical traumas – this is how Sally Face can be briefly described. Sounds pretty gloomy, but believe us, the game itself is a thousand times gloomier that this small description. Less horrible, but more tragic and mysterious, Sally’s life will uncover itself while you play. The entire plot is built in a retrospective manner, which means that you find yourself in a certain point of character’s life and find out about his past that leaded him to the moment you find him. In this title, the plot is gradually told from the perspective of Sally, who visits a psychotherapist, because there are suspicions that he is insane. So you start with his childhood years, where he used to be a small teenager with blue pigtails and white mask he gained after an accident. He is hiding an injured face and never takes the mask off. The only person, who can see his face without a mask is a therapist he is visiting.

You will discover a lot of mysterious episodes and traumas Sally has had in his life. Sometimes, you will meet wonderful characters, like a loner, who feasts everyone with tea. This is a short episode, however, it brings so much diversity in the game. What is more, in addition to central plots of every separate episode, you will also get into small hidden stories, puzzles, and surprises, such as hints from poltergeists that look into your window. In general, this is a well-drawn and thoughtfully written story that combines the elements of comedy, horror, and tragedy in a very sophisticated way. The sense of living all of your life once more while talking about it with a psychotherapist is a great invention of the storywriters.