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Trollface Quest: Video Games 2

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Game information

Game title: Trollface Quest: Video Games 2

Game description:

Who doesn’t like memes? The internet is full of them and we constantly see them on the social media. Everyone knows the perky troll face with its dark humor and passion for mocking. The second episode of the famous Trollface Quest offers you another opportunity to travel to the world of memes and jokes and have a good time while solving various puzzles. This amazing point and click game will take you through a set of video scenes where you’ll have to find out what the trolling is about. Each episode is unique and requires you to think creatively if you hope to find the answer and clear another level. By clicking on various item and checking how it influences the setting, you can come up with the right sequence of clicks and get rewarded by a fun cut scene with popular memes from the entire internet! Launch Trollface Quest: Video Games 2 and see how meme-savvy you are!