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Bendy and The Ink Machine Halloween

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Game information

Game title: Bendy and The Ink Machine Halloween

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

It’s a shame to celebrate Halloween without a worthy horror game! And we know one that will undoubtedly evoke your interest. As it turns out, creepy things can be going on even at a usual cartoon animation studio. This thrilling Halloween-themed game called Bendy and The Ink Machine will take you on a creepy adventure where you’ll face mystical forces and survive through blood-freezing horrors. You’ll play as a cartoon artist named Henry who came to visit his colleague at the studio and saw quite a spooky picture instead. There were stains of ink everywhere and hundreds of Mickey Mouse sketches scattered around the room. His friend wasn’t there. Something must have happened to him! Now you have to solve all the Halloween puzzles to rescue your buddy. If you like horror games, Bendy and The Ink Machine is definitely one worth your attention! Atmospheric visuals and captivating story with unexpected turns of events will mesmerize you. So pull all your bravery and resourcefulness together and set out on a mysterious trip that has plenty of surprises in store for you! It isn’t going to be easy, but your friend needs your help. Don’t leave him high and dry in this room full of Halloween horrors!