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Choo Choo Charles

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Game information

Game title: Choo Choo Charles

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

Welcome to a new action game where you will confront a train. Events unfold on an open-world island. It is being terrorized by a weird spider-looking monster. It is Charles, a terrible vehicle with a spider appearance. He moves around the location at a crazy speed, scaring local inhabitants. Your task is to get rid of this creature as soon as possible. It will be a real struggle as you have only a poorly equipped train. But this situation can be improved as you can upgrade the vehicle!

Run away from insane Charles!

You will have to travel across the place and perform various tasks. You will receive these missions from local people who also suffer from the attacks of the evil train. From time to time, you will stop your train and study different areas. Note that you are very vulnerable when you are on the ground, so do not allow your opponent to catch you at this moment. Charles produces a strange sound, so when you hear a suspicious whistle, make sure to run away as soon as you can. And do not forget to collect scrap everywhere you go – you will be able to sell it and buy various boosters for your train. Despite the walkthrough is quite monotonous, you will adore it. Start it right away!