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Do Not Feed Monkeys

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Game information

Game title: Do Not Feed Monkeys

Category: Adventure
Game description:

Surveillance simulators are cool because one of the main features of human nature is curiosity and they can fulfil it. And no consequences will follow. One of the best games of that kind is Do Not Feed Monkeys. The game will keep you thrilled because it distracts you from the process of surveillance and makes it even more interesting and desirable. Of course, spying on people is horrible but… the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest. In the game Do Not Feed Monkeys you will watch after people in their houses and a range of different cameras are at your disposal. The only thing you are not allowed to do is contacting them directly. Everything starts at the moment when you realize how miserable your lonely life is and decide to add at least something spicy to it. You enter a club of people who claim that they monitor primates and learn their behavior in a habitual environment. You get a computer with a large desktop where numerous of flats and rooms are displayed. The club boss asks you to watch people without interfering their actions. They will also send you some questions and tasks so you will have to provide some kind of a report about your observations from time to time. The tasks sometimes look really suspicious. For example, they ask you to find out at what hours the alarm is not working in a certain house. You will have to find all the necessary data and record your observations as requested. Investigation is one of the most crucial elements of the game because if you want to feed the monkeys, you should know them in detail. The information you gather about their habits, environment, and speech, you will fill the reference book out and learn as much as possible. Nobody actually forces you to do so and you feel an absolute freedom of actions. At the same time, you have some additional responsibilities to keep up with. The only danger you are in is a risk that they will dispel you from the club if you fail to follow the rules and meet the schedule. And you want to find out the main secret of the organization at all costs: what will happen if the monkeys will be finally fed?