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FNF: Flippy Flipped Out Sings Hellclown

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Game information

Game title: FNF: Flippy Flipped Out Sings Hellclown

Game description:

Welcome the return of Flippy, the character from Happy Tree Friends. He is here to challenge Boyfriend in the musical battle. The song called Hellclown is the target. Defeat Flippy on that and he will come back to his normal state. Choose the Story mode or Free Play mode according to your preferences. advantages.

The gameplay is easy. You will see the arrows above the BF’s head. Your goal is to match them with the arrows floating up from the bottom of the screen according to the tune. Use your arrow tabs on the keyboard. Help Boyfriend to defeat Flippy but be very attentive. Don’t miss the arrows and click them on time. Any delay will lead to mistakes. Too many of them mean that you lose the game and need to start from the very beginning. We hope that it will never happen. Enjoy!