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Hospital 666

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Game information

Game title: Hospital 666

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

In Hospital 666, players find themselves trapped in a mysterious and sprawling hospital, where escape hinges on choosing the right elevator—either the one in front or at the back. This premise sets the stage for a gripping escape endeavor through a seemingly infinite building. As players navigate through this oppressive environment, they are advised to heed one critical rule: upon encountering any form of abnormality, one must immediately turn back. This core mechanic instills a constant sense of caution and urgency, compelling players to be perpetually on their guard. The ultimate goal looms large as a question: What awaits on the 666th floor?

Confronting the Unknown: Strategy and Survival

Hospital 666 offers a rich tapestry of challenges and horrors, spanning over 100 floors filled with 85 distinctive anomalies and culminating in battles against five bosses. Each floor presents its own set of peculiarities, demanding players to adapt and strategize for survival. Choosing between the front and back elevators becomes a game of strategic foresight, with each decision potentially leading to encounters with monstrous entities. The game’s structure encourages exploration but also requires quick thinking to avoid the myriad of monsters that aim to thwart your escape. Whether opting for solo play or joining forces with others in a cooperative mode that supports 2-4 players online, Hospital 666 ensures that teamwork and individual cunning are key to unveiling the mysteries that lie within. With difficulty settings ranging from easy to hellish, and an auto-save feature that marks progress at each new floor, players are set for an experience that balances challenge with progress.