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Monster School: Momo Challenge

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Game information

Game title: Monster School: Momo Challenge

Category: Minecraft
Game description:

It’s a monster school again and your mates are already waiting for you in a classroom. Studying with Minecraft characters is always great and you will receive more tasks for your teacher to get more fun. But wait… what’s going on with him? Sometimes his behavior is strange and a bit frightening. Maybe he knows something you don’t know? Well, you are in a monster school after all, so believe us, he is not the scariest one you will meet today. Maybe, the creepiest one is Momo, a girl that will remind you about The Ring movie. One fine evening monster-students were having fun, dancing and partying all around. However, the light turned off and Zombie decided to check out what’s going on. This is how most of the horror stories begin! Momo is here, so run for your life!