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Hungry Shark Evolution

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Game information

Game title: Hungry Shark Evolution

Category: Survival
Game description:

It’s not true that hungry sharks want nothing else but food. Well, of course, they do want to eat everything they meet on their way because they are flesh-eaters, thirsty for pray. And as you know from the previous parts of the franchise, these sea monsters are extremely successful in their pursuits. However, now they are even more ambitious and grasping than you have thought. In fact, now the Sharks are not only the most hostile sea hunters. They have decided to unite into mighty armies to defeat their enemies to occupy the entire ocean! Do you want to take part in a grandiose war of Sharks and build an entire empire of Sharks? Then you are at the right place. The new part of the Hungry Shark Evolution story is now available on our website for free. You can join the thrilling adventure of the depth and build a real kingdom of Sharks. The story is about a population of sea monsters that moves to the reef where they can give birth to a new generation. You will pick the strongest of them to take part in furious battles with other creatures who probably have other plans for these territories. Make sure that you know their most powerful moves to come up with efficient fighting strategies to protect your territory and conquer the new lands. During the game, you will see how your sharks evolve and become stronger. Thus, you will unlock and meet new Sharks as well as see the old ones in a new light. Moreover, your Shark squad will move around the map and discover new lands. Make sure that you occupy the best reefs to let your Shark empire expand!